Payroll Processing Outsourcing Services

Now, a real, honest-to-goodness Payroll Processing Outsourcing Service that can cut down your operating costs and provide accurate, efficient, and reliable on time deliveries of all your payroll reports.

We set the standard for Payroll Outsourcing in the Philippines and our service is used by multinationals, banks, call centers, advertising companies, manufacturing companies, technology companies, schools, utility and real estate companies.

Our Services

Our system is a result of many years of experience in developing and working with HR information and payroll systems. It was designed to be user-friendly, flexible in its ability to accommodate a single company’s multi pay rules and even multi employee locations without compromising on efficiency and accuracy, and with the capabilities that would allow HR/Finance to further improve its payroll service to employees with less work. Precisely, it is all these that gives us the distinct advantage over our competitors.

Conduct a FREE parallel run of your last 2 payrolls

This will include a report noting the discrepancies, if there are any. It will also serve as an audit of your current payroll.

Train your Employee Payroll users

And assist in orienting employees on the details of the new payroll service.

Provide a customized interface between our payroll system and your company

This will ensure that the service you require from us has been tailor-fit to capture all your payroll-related needs. It will also eliminate the need to re-encode pay entries, resulting in significant time and manpower savings.

Our Product

Payroll Software System

PSPI Payroll Software System is a powerful and comprehensive payroll system. With the possibility of an expansive employee data, PSPI Payroll Software System helps you to be in complete control.